I attended the Pink Lid Conf. this past weekend in Brown Summit NC with my daughters church group and was blown away by how God is using your life. Your ministry is needed right now in this generation for our girls more than ever before. I have a heart for teen girls and the struggles they face that if handled incorrectly may take a lifetime to overcome. Your ministry teaches the basic biblical principles that very much need to be at the highest priority of teaching our girls Gods Truth that leads to so many blessings instead of the lies the world has infilltrated their hearts with. God Bless You for ALL of the sacrifices you are making to reach His children. Thank You for the difference you have made in my daughter. We had just had a talk this week about her heart of anger that has kept showing its ugly head and all that I thought God was using me to speak truth to help her. Well, God used you 3 days later to confirm that what I was telling her was the truth and her mother wasnt so dumb after all:) She just turned off the TV because the Billboard Music Awards just came on with LMFAO having the opening preformance because she is now convicted for listening to that kind of music,PRAISE GOD HE USED YOU TO CHANGE THIS BEAUTIFUL CHILDS MIND SO HE CAN PRESERVE HER PRECIOUS HEART!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING GODS CALL ON YOUR LIFE BECAUSE IT MAY HAVE CHANGED GENERATIONS TO COME IN MY FAMILY LINEAGE:) GOD BLESS WITH MUCH LOVE, Stephanie McDonald, attendee of The Pink Lid in NC

Alyssa, I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you guys poured into our youth girls!! To this day they still talk about The Pink Lid. A few of them came to me last week and were so excited they had found a website that had modest cute swimsuits!! They wanted me to tell you! It just made me thankful for the lessons they learned for you guys!!! I can teach them the same things but when it comes from someone different sometimes it sinks in better. Thanks again for listening to Gods call on your life. -Brittney McNiell, Youth Pastor in Popular Bluff, MO

Alyssa.  I Showed My Mom You Blogs And Told Her What You Taught Us At The Pink Lid. After That We Went Through All My Clothes And Her Clothes And Made Sure My Shorts Were Not Too Tight Or Too Short. Any Clothes That Were, We Put Them In A Bag, And Gave Them To Good Will. We Do It Every Month. Basically What I Am Saying Is that: You Changed My Life Forever :)I Read All Of Your Blogs!!  Alyssa Shull You Taught Me Sooo Sooo Much!!! I Will Use Those Tips In The Future. Also, I Told My Friend About Listening And Watching Certain Things. She Has Deleted All Her Music That Has Inapporiate Things And Stopped Watching Bad Movies! I Thank You So Much!! ~Tequesta, 12, FL

Hey Alyssa, I was at The Pink Lid and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are an amazing speaker and you really helped me accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior!  Thank you so much. -Taylor, 15, NC

It wasn’t just for girls it was for women also! I know a lot of young adults in college that suffered with most of the things talked about. Who am I kidding, I SUFFERED WITH IT MY FIRST YEAR IN COLLEGE! But to listen to the words of advice that spoke of the right things to do gave confirmation once I hit rock bottom about the situation and began to read my word on the situation. Everything told today was scripture based! Those vessels (leaders/speakers) were just someone who tried out the word to let us know “you can do it too.” The word works for anyone who works the word! I really appreciated my time here. I’m glad I came down from college to experience this moment with everyone! Back to college I go! – Lenora, 20, FL

Thank you Alyssa Shull you have made an abslute change in my life!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂 🙂 🙂 -Kayla, 12, NC

Thank you so much Alyssa Shull for the wisdom and encouragement you shared with our girls this weekend. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. And my little one, has already put the “tank top test” and the “leggings test” to use for church yesterday. Lol! -Dede Galloway, Mother of a teen, NC

Thanks for your good advice as regards cleavage and bikinis as is not only common among young girls of nowadays but also married women and ladies. More strength to you. – Femi, Nigeria

Thank You so much for teaching me how to be stylish and still be modest !! I love your ministry!!!!!! 🙂 – Madison, 12, NC

When I went to The Pink Lid my senior year in high school, I was definitely not expecting my life to be completely transformed. I remember walking into the doors feeling completely broken and empty. I was completely convinced that I was hideous, overweight, and a burden to the world. My self-esteem was so low, I had stopped going to into grocery stores with my family because I thought I would embarrass them. It’s unbelievable for me to look at that now and realize how many lies I had believed about myself. One night after worship at the Pink Lid, we were invited to the altar to receive prayer. Dragging my feet to the altar I saw Alyssa and knew that I needed to tell her my story. It was like the Holy Spirit prompted me to release everything that night. As Alyssa spoke God’s promises into my life, I felt my heart break and begin to heal and become whole. All those lies that I thought were truth, completely vanished. I felt lighter. That night, instead of avoiding my reflection in the mirror, I stopped in front of it and took a good, hard look at myself. I heard a gentle voice say, “Cady, you are beautiful.” I was so flattered that the Lord would stop me in my tracks just to tell me He thought I was beautiful. The Pink Lid planted so many seeds, opened my eyes to my identity in Christ, and revealed to me that I am His princess and I have a beauty to unveil. I can now say that I am more confident than I have ever been before. It’s such a freedom to know that the King of the universe would stop the world to simply tell his daughter that she is beautiful. – Cady, 22, Graduate of Oral Roberts University, OK

Hi Alyssa: I enjoyed your teaching to the Power Chicks!  I really thank God for you – that there is someone to teach our girls modesty and what real beauty is. God bless you for your ministry. Hope we can be friends! -Connie Lopez, West Coast Hispanic Conference Women’s Ministry Director, CA

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