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I am so excited to release my book Purely Beautiful: A Young Woman’s Guide to Knowing Her Worth. Today is the kick-off of The Pink Lid 2015 FIND LOVE. I have given away the first 500 copies of my book attendees at the conference! I am so excited to get this book in the hands of young women. You can buy the book on in paperback or Kindle form.

I highly recommend the paperback book because I have included Discussion Questions where you can write your answers (devotional style) at the end of each chapter.

I would love it if you left a review on the book after you read it too! I am so honored to have my mentor Jeanne Mayo write the foreword for my book. Below is the description of the book and the book forward from Jeanne.

Thanks for your support!

Love, Alyssa



In this easy to read book, Alyssa Shull shares about all things beauty and purity from media influences and identity to relationship advice and sex. You will read real-life stories from girls that Alyssa has counseled over the years, along with Alyssa’s personal stories from her life.

Due to being bullied about her looks from the ages of 8 to 13, Alyssa struggled for years with low self-esteem. It wasn’t until she was 18 that she discovered her true beauty. Find out how you can find your true beauty, and learn how to see yourself the way God sees you!

God’s love for you is extravagant. In Ephesians 5:1, it says, “Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant” (MSG). It doesn’t matter how many times you have messed up; you still have worth above jewels, and God has good planned for you!

You CAN live out a life of purity, and this book will show you how!


BECOMING A WHOLE WOMAN…What a daunting task! I’ve been privileged to work up close to girls and women of all ages for well over four decades now. And I’m certain of only a few things. One of them is that becoming a true, Christ-honoring woman is a rare occurrence in today’s 21st Century world.

That’s why Alyssa Shull’s “Purely Beautiful” is such a priceless gift to young ladies and women everywhere! Its words echo the WISDOM that comes through Alyssa’s personal coaching…the RELEVANCE that comes from Alyssa’s “boots on the ground” approach to life…and the TRUSTWORTHINESS that comes as a by-product of Alyssa’s deep commitment to the Word of God. Some of her words will make you laugh; others will make you cry. But ALL of them will make you THINK and will MOTIVATE you towards becoming a “better self.”

Even more importantly, Alyssa is everything she endorses in “Purely Beautiful.” I am privileged to live up-close to lots of popular authors these days—some even known in non-profit worlds as “best selling authors.” But far too often, their words on the written page do not consistently measure up to their actions in real life. Such is not the case with the amazing Alyssa Shull. She is everything that she challenges her readers to be…and so much more.

Books come and go. Many of them are “OK to skip.” BUT NOT THIS ONE…if you’re a female who wants to genuinely be her “best self.” So allow me to highly recommend your reading of “Purely Beautiful.” After all, most of us don’t want or need a face-lift. But all of we gals could use a HEART-LIFT.

Jeanne Mayo

CADRE Youth & Young Adult Mentoring and Coaching Venue

Youth & Young Adult Director, Victory World Church, Atlanta, Ga.

Conference Speaker & Author

President & Founder of Youth Leader’s Coach

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Purely Beautiful Book


Do you every struggle with knowing your true worth? In Alyssa Shull’s book, Purely Beautiful, you CAN find out how to live a life of purity and know just how beautiful you are. @alyssashull #PurelyBeautifulBook Available at

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