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Purely Beautiful 2014 Resolutions

It is 2014!!! What an amazing year this will be! With all the excitement about the new year buzzing about, I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about your New Year’s Resolutions.

By now you have probably thought about (or written) some resolutions for 2014.  I know I have a list that I have written coming into this new year. Some of mine include, grow deeper with the Lord daily, eat healthy for my baby (due in May), walk 30 mins a day, make more meals at home, and to blog more often.  Every year I make resolutions which I also call my goals for the year. I think it is very important to be goal orientated, because it keeps you focused day by day.

Some of the most common resolutions people have are, lose weight, get organized, save money, fall in love, spend more time with family and so on. Rarely do we make specific resolutions for areas in our lives, but today I would like to propose we do that with our self-esteem and purity walk.

With your self-esteem and purity it is vital to be goal orientated. Your ultimate goal is to have a positive self-esteem and walk in purity in your mind, body and heart. But what steps do you need to take each and every day this year to get closer to those goals? That is the question I am posing. I want you to take a moment either right now or later today where you can get alone with the Lord, and ask the Holy Spirit to help pinpoint areas of your self-esteem and purity walk where you need to improve. A great way to start is to turn on some worship music (I recommend Bryan & Katie Torwalt or Bethel) then simply ask these two questions:

  1. Holy Spirit, what things do I need to do this year to see myself the way you see me?
  2. Holy Spirit, what things do I need to do daily to keep my mind pure and my body pure?

Then download this PDF 2014 Resolutions and write down what the Holy Spirit reveals to you. Try to be very specific and practical. Here are some samples:

Self-Esteem Resolutions:

  • When I look in the mirror every morning, instead of picking out all my faults, I will compliment myself and see the beauty of God’s creation.
  • I will be confident in the talents God has given me and not compare myself to others.
  • When taking pictures of myself I will not try to enhance myself just to make myself appear more attractive, instead I choose to be myself.

Purity Resolutions:

  • I will turn off movies and TV shows that have sexual content to keep my thoughts pure of sexual images.
  • I will stop dwelling on the desire to be held and touched by a man.
  • I will not be alone with my boyfriend so we don’t fall into temptation.
  • I will immediately take captive every thought of sexual nature and decide not to think on it. 2 Corinthians 10:5

Once you fill out your personalized resolutions put your hand on it and pray and commit the resolutions to the Lord. Then put it in your prayer journal or the drawer next to your bed. Every couple weeks, read through it and stay committed to it. Maybe you could even find a close friend that you could share it with to keep you accountable.

Happy New Year!

Love, Alyssa Shull


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