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Your Canvas By Becca Nicholson

What words would you use to describe God?  If He were painted on a canvas, what would His eyes say to you?

I literally gasped out loud when I saw story on the news. The alarm was raised in room 17 after a gallery assistant spotted a man appearing to spray two paintings with an aerosol can.  Brilliant works from 1633, completely covered in red spray paint!  Though these paintings survived centuries, in a moment a trigger-happy fool destroyed them.

All of us carry canvases of God in our mind’s eye. For many young women, it was their parents’ divorce when they were a little that left a sense of neglect hidden deep in their heart, only to resurface years later.  Her canvas was altered.  Now she desperately needs to find the true picture of God.

For other, their view of God, is a cold, distant figure.  It didn’t help that as some thought of God as a type of Santa Claus.  But with disappointments and struggles, this gift-giving grandfather quickly fades. Many of us begin to wonder if God really cares, let alone loves.

When and how does this view of God become tainted?

Spraying over His image through lies, failures and mistakes, humans keep adding to the canvas.  A stroke, a spray, a mark, with their own cans of aerosol, they hide the one-of-a-kind piece.  Then it’s hung in a public gallery and the masses make a verdict: He is either angry, disappointed or uninterested.  All the while, the face of God is buried beneath, unseen.

But God is real and He should have the final say on who He really is!

Here’s the truth: We see God when we see Jesus.  He is the untarnished picture of God, on display!  Jesus revealed to the world how much God infinitely loves us.

The restoration work on our damaged canvases is long overdue!  It’s my passion to see teen girls allow the steady hand of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, to chip away at the drips and stains.  They will uncover His love and never be the same!


Just picking up a guitar, as a middle-school kid I experienced God’s love for the first time at youth camp.  Suddenly I handed over the brush as Jesus painted the picture of God in my heart.  I was captured.  As my sister and I began the journey of becoming ‘The Sonflowerz’, singing together and writing songs, it became our mission from day one to share this truth with other girls.

“We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created.” Colossians 1:15,MSG

~Becca Nicholson


Hello Beautiful Girls!!! I am so excited to feature guest blogger Becca Nicholson of The Sonflowerz! The Sonflowerz consists of Becca and her sister Elissa and they have a Kickstarter Campaign to print their first teen girls’ devotional book and hit the road for Made To Shine tour for girls! You can visit their Kickstarter Campaign to pre-order their new EP “Love Walked In” and grab a copy of the book too. Here is the link: 

Love, Alyssa Shull


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