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#BeyonceBowl… My Thoughts

For many girl’s, the Super Bowl performances on Sunday was a celebration of femininity and girl power. Talented artists like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson sang and danced on the media’s largest stage of the year: The Super Bowl. But imagine with me for a moment if all of this star power, talent, femininity and glamour was used to exalt the name of Jesus. How amazing would that be?

I want to show you the difference between two very talented performers,  Jennifer Hudson & Beyonce.  They had the same audience, same platform, yet completely different showmanship & performances.
Jennifer, who is very talented and beautiful, gave a STELLAR performance, dressed classy, modestly and  WITHOUT dancing provocatively.   Beyonce, who is also very talented and beautiful, danced in a way that should only be seen in a marriage between a husband and wife (well minus the Illuminati signs and the worship ‘I want to feel your energy’ part). She was dressed in lingerie and danced provocatively.

My heart longs for a generation to rise up and stand for purity. Sadly, what I see in front of me is a generation of women who do not know that they are God’s masterpiece. We see a complete violation of what God designed our bodies for. ‘These bodies that were made for God-given and God-modeled love’ 1 Corinthians 6:17 MSG. beyoncebowl

Hear me out here, for me, her performance was soft porn. I wouldn’t want my sons and daughters (future) to ever see a performance like that.  My (future) sons, because it is completely sexual, and I don’t want those images in their minds. My daughters, because I don’t want them to think that to be an attractive women you have to look, dress or act like that.

I want to say to you, my daughters in the Lord, that what Beyonce did at the halftime show is not something you should praise or strive to be. Sure she knows how to dance and she can sing like nobody’s business, but she is not doing it for the glory of the Lord. She is doing it for a paycheck. Everything we do should be for the glory of the Lord. Ask yourself, did Beyonce’s performance glorify God?

‘So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything to the glory of God.’ 1 Corinthians 10:31 GWT

So WHATEVER we do we should do it to the glory of God. Sure Destiny’s Child came out and people were screaming Beyonce’s praises, but did it bring God praises?

Beyonce has this beautiful gift, that the enemy (satan) has twisted to use for his kingdom. Beyonce was born into a Christian family and she said in one her first popular songs, Survivor,  “I’m not gon’ compromise my Christianity (I’m better than that)”.

What is Christianity?  It is following Christ. Christ has called us to follow Him. It says in 1 Corinthians 8:13 that if what we do causes another believer to stumble then we should have no part in it.  And then Jesus says that even if a man looks at a women with lust in his eyes he has already committed adultery with her (Matthew 5:28). The way Beyonce is offering her body to people causes men to stumble and influences women to follow her behavior.

Girls we need to be aware of the devil’s ploys so we can resist them!

In Lisa Bevere’s new book Girls With Swords pg.87-88 she says this:

“Our present culture is more likely to encourage women to dishonor their bodies with immodesty, impropriety, obesity, and other eating disorders than to honor their bodies through modesty, propriety, and moderation. What was once commonly held as virtues—integrity, a good name, and a sterling reputation—are not longer celebrated in our culture’s songs.  You are more likely to hear lewd dance moves, expensive accessories, fast cars, and women flocking to men who flash cash in the club. Seduction has been substituted for beauty, and the power of manipulation is rewarded over the influence of wisdom.”

She hit the nail on the head here. Our culture is prioritizing the wrong things.

‘Everything you say or do should be done in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.’ Colossians 3:17 GWT

I want to encourage you to see the world through the eyes of Christ and not the eyes of the world.

‘Don’t become like the people of this world. Instead, change the way you think. Then you will always be able to determine what God really wants-what is good, pleasing, and perfect.’ Romans 12:2 GWT

Be different.Be set apart.Strive for purity.

Love, Alyssa

ps. I want to ask you to pray for Beyonce, and others like her. Let’s pray that the eyes of their heart will be opened and they will find Jesus.

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Rachel —

I think this is really cool that you stand up for important things like this. Last year, in 8th grade I had to write and present a speech and I made my topic, “Should Christians Participate in Beauty Pageants?” and my answer was no because it is not modest and it also causes stumbling blocks for men and causes them to lust. The world needs more people like you to be an influence so that we can have a more Christ-like generation.

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Carrie Erikson

After hearing all the hype about this perfomance I am so glad to read this and realize I am not alone in my opinion. Beauty and talent are no substitute for modesty and self respect! Right on point Alyssa!

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Melissa —

All girls need to watch the video on website. We are more than that!

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Samantha —

Thanks for standing up for purity! We are meant to live set apart lives! I will live to give glory to God in everything that I do! Great article!

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brian —

all of this may be true but theres no going back. you can insist that one person can start a change; believe what you want. However its been proven sex sells. Fact is that it will continue to sell, and its not going to change anytime soon. As many people there may be that would like to put a censorship to the provocative dancing and racy clothing it will never outweigh the demmand for entertainment. Lets face it the superbowl in particular is marketed towards males, we love beyonce and thats not completely based on her music or her looks but the persona which she embodies. she stands for you women who want to cover her up, she is a shining light for any female who isnt comfortable in her own skin. And if youve ever heard a song by beyonce then you would hardly expect to see her standing on stage in a knitted sweater singing to christ the lord. if just wouldnt make sense. so go ahead stand for what you will but the entertainment industry isnt going away anytime soon, and with that neither will sex….. personally i plan on enjoying it

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    Denise —

    Just wondering if you have children, and if you had a daughter would you want her to be dressing and dancing the way that Beyonce does, knowing that there are millions of men/teen boys “enjoying” her body in they way that you say you do?

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Denise —

Great article Alyssa! It’s sad what the world of entertainment stands for. Yes it’s true that sex sells but it’s absolutly sickening that it is allowed to be sold to such a young age group.

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C. H. Ari —

Pastor Alyssa,
Thank you so much for standing up for the virtuous qualities of young women. As a teenager, I am always surrounded by people, music, and images that promote sex and impurity. Personally, when I hear songs or see people glorifying sex, I am greatly offended because it makes me feel as if that is the only value people place on me. But when people like you talk about true beauty and the qualities of a woman of virtue, it lets me know that my purity walk is worth it and that I am worth more than what the media labels me as.

Thank you woman of virtue and beauty 🙂

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Raniya Henry —

I agree! Even though Beyoncé is well known and extremely talented. She has yet to demonstrate modest performances. As a generation in full, we have to stop allowing celebrities to influence or pollute us. This blog was definitely well written!

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