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Passionate Way

Now then, brothers and sisters, because of the Lord Jesus we ask and encourage you to excel in living a God-pleasing life even more than you already do. Do this the way we taught you. You know what orders we gave you through the Lord Jesus. It is God’s will that you keep away from sexual sin as a mark of your devotion to him. Each of you should know that finding a husband or wife for yourself is to be done in a holy and honorable way, not in the passionate, lustful way of people who don’t know God. No one should take advantage of or exploit other believers that way. The Lord is the one who punishes people for all these things. We’ve already told you and warned you about this. God didn’t call us to be sexually immoral but to be holy. Therefore, whoever rejects this [order] is not rejecting human authority but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit. 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 (GWT)

It says in this verse not to find a spouse in a passionate lustful way. What is a passionate lustful way? It is based on your physical relationship and not on who the person is on the inside. Lustful relationships are when you are constantly focused on how each other looks, feels and tastes.

Recently when speaking to one of my readers, she told me about a girl who was concerned that a guy didn’t like her unless he showed it to her in a physical way. This girl thought that you had to at least make-out in order for it to be a relationship instead of a friendship. When according to God’s word we are supposed to stay away from all sexual relations until you say ‘I Do’.

Now most people will tell you that making out is not sexual. But I have a question for you… Would you kiss your mom on the cheek? Yes. Would you kiss your mom on the lips? When I was 5. Would you french kiss your mom? NO WAY… why not? because it is sexual. The moment you turn the corner to making out it stirs up sexual desires and you want more and more. God created these sexual desires and they are good (actually they are GREAT) but only in the boundaries God set up. And that boundary is marriage. God designed your body for ONE man. You are not to be shared with multiple men. Would you want your husband making out and fooling around with another girl?  Unless you are married, that guy does not belong to you. He could very well be another girl’s husband.

Let God write your love story. He wrote mine and it is so perfect! I am so blessed to say that my husband was my first kiss.

I challenge you if you are in a physical relationship to take a step back and wait for all sexual relations until marriage. It is so worth it. You are worth the wait whether you have already messed up sexually or not. God can completely restore you and you can start afresh and anew right now! Pray this prayer:

Dear God,

Please forgive me disobeying your word and trying on my own to find a mate. I have been looking in a passionate lustful way and not by your word. Wash me clean of all my sexual sin. Purify my mind, heart and body. I receive purity now. Thank you for you forgiveness. I choose to give this area of my life over to you. God write my love story. I choose to no longer write it, but let you. I love you and desire to please you. Protect me and protect my husband. When we meet and start to date enable us through your Holy Spirit to stay strong and wait for all sexual relations until we say ‘I Do’.

In Jesus Name, AMEN!

I love you ladies and I am believing for the best in your lives. Know that you don’t have to have sexual relations to know that a man loves you. A man that can show you he loves you without getting physical is a keeper. He needs to loves Jesus more than he loves you.

Love, ~Alyssa

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