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Summer Modesty Part 1: Tops



I walked into Forever 21 and my eyes were drawn to the bikinis on display. Next to that were the skin tight skirts and those shorts that let butts hang out. Knowing I no longer wear those clothes I waltzed to the other sections of the store. But, my mind drifted to the thousands of teen girls buying those clothes or ‘lack-there-of clothes’, and my heart broke.

If girls knew the truth of what they were wearing and the effect it had. It says in 1 Timothy 2:9, “I want women to show their beauty by dressing in appropriate clothes that are modest and respectable.” So how do you dress modest and respectable in today’s culture? Especially with the variety of clothes they are selling in the stores.

When you accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior you become a child of God, aka ‘Daughter of The King’. Therefore your desire should be to please Him with how you present yourself. We want to make sure that as daughters we are modest. Now being modest doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. In fact, I think you can be modest and stylish at the same time!

How you ask? Wear long skirts and turtlenecks… definitely not. Ever since I can remember I have been into style. In high school I would not even wear the same outfit within a month. I love being in style and wearing only what’s ‘in style.’ And guess what? I am in style and modest.

Ok, so how to be in style and stay modest…here we go, Part 1:

Let’s start with crop tops. These are the cute tops that are cut off at your mid-section. I have so many of these shirts, I love how fun they are! I live in Miami, Florida and I can’t even begin to tell you

how many girls I have seen wear these wrong. They wear the crop top without the tank top (yes, stomachs hanging out for all to see). Tank tops are an essential piece to my wardrobe. I have them in every color and style. I even have 3 black tanks and 3 white tanks just in case they are dirty.  I always have one ready.  I wear tank tops underneath everything. It’s my extra protection. So to make crop tops modest throw a tank top underneath.

Next up let’s talk about cleavage.  Let’s all be honest here, if a female is showing off her cleavage you look. Not because you want to, but because she is offering it for all to see. It says in 1 Corinthians 10:32, “Don’t cause others to stumble, whether they are Jewish, Greek, or members of God’s church.” (GWT) I take that passage to mean this; do your part to help someone NOT fall into sin. As a woman I strive to not portray my body in a way that would cause someone to lust.

I believe when a woman purposefully shows her cleavage it sends out the message; ‘Hey here are my boobs, I want you to notice I have them.’ If our goal is to get men to notice our body then our affection is in the wrong direction. We are not acting in love. We are acting in selfishness and our attempt is to bring attention to ourselves and not to God. As a believer we should never use our bodies to cause our brothers in Christ to sin.

If you didn’t already know this… MEN ARE VERY VISUAL. It is the way God made them. Men are more visual and women are more emotional. As women of God, let’s make a conscience choice to not cause our brothers in Christ to stumble. Let’s not show off our breasts. Those are for your husband’s eyes only. Even if you’re not married yet they are for your future husband.

So, how do you tell if you have cleavage? Bend over in front of the mirror and see if you can see your cleavage. If you can, put on a tank top and make sure it is high enough on your chest that it covers you.

Bras, Bras, Bras.  Bras are so important in the summer. The type of bra that you wear with your tops makes a huge difference. Because showing your hot pink or leopard print bra straps totally gives of the wrong impression. There is an awesome bra that you can get at almost any bra store, it’s a strapless bra with changeable straps. It can be a razor back, regular, or one shoulder. I highly recommend getting one that way you save yourself from revealing undergarments.

Another clothing trend to watch out for is clothing with suggestive meanings.  Shirts with words across chest that imply sexual meaning is something to steer clear of.  For example, Nike’s ‘Just Do It!’ across your chest, or ‘I Am The American Dream.’ Also, corset tops are being sold as standalone tops to wear. But corset tops or lingerie tops are supposed to be between a man and his wife and not for everyone else to see.

Stay Tuned because next week it will be Part 2: Skirt, Dresses and Shorts.

Love, ~Alyssa

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I totally loved the video’s God bless you

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