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Are you living life?

I love Christian Fiction, it’s like how my husband likes to play video games, I like to read books. I just finished a great novel by Nancy Moser called Masquerade.

The story takes place in 1886 and one of the main characters is Lottie and she comes from a very wealthy family. Her sole focus is to

find a husband. In the beginning of the book she has all her trust in her money and position. But by the end of the book all of her circumstances change. She went to America from England hoping to find adventure and romance but only found crisis and pain. She tells her nanny that she is tired of being alone, and this is how her nanny responds:

“We all want love. I too wanted the love of a man in my time. But that can’t be the end-all of your journey. You don’t need a man for your very being. You’re a grown woman now, a strong, intelligent, vibrant woman. Let love find you and it will be a strong love. But first be strong in yourself, in your faith, and in your God.” (pg. 319 Masquerade by Nancy Moser. Bethany House Publishers)

Girls, that is my heart for you. Be YOU! Love will find you when the time is right. Don’t go looking for love. Live your life for God and live it to the fullest. Don’t wait around for a man to come before you start life.

At The Pink Lid we did in Oakland, Michigan, my sis-in-law Dr. Jeni Shull talked about how in the movie “Tangled” it starts off by Rapunzel singing “When will my life begin”. Jeni told the girls that your life begins NOW!

My amazing sis-in-law is a beautiful & single 27  year-old who is a resident doctor in California. She has traveled the world and done so much (without a man). Her man will come at the right time for her life, and she is walking in purity and not sitting around waiting for him to come. She is living life and helping people. You can do that too!!

So Ladies, don’t wait around for a man to come to start your life, YOUR LIFE STARTS NOW!

Do something big for God and have fun!

You are worth the wait

~Love, Alyssa

My Sis-in-laws Katie and Jeni

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Angel Clark —

So good! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

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Elizabeth —

Thanks for the post, I really needed to hear this!

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Rebecca —

This is a very good message! One every woman should hear!

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