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Ugly Beauties

Proverbs 11:22 (MSG)

Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful face on an empty head.”

A beautiful gold earring does not belong on a pig. Just like beauty and filth do not fit together… let me explain.

I remember being in high school and there where these girls who were hot as the guys would call them. But when these girls would open their mouths trash would come out. For me it took away from their outward beauty.

It would frustrate me in high school when most of the guys wanted these hot girls. These guys only saw their bodies. Now, this scene I witnessed in high school doesn’t just play out there, but all throughout our culture. I call these girls ‘Ugly Beauties’.

Let’s take for example the actress Megan Fox. She played as the ‘sex object’ in the first two Transformers movies. Sure Megan is pretty on the outside, but she reminds me of those girls from high school. The moment she opens her mouth on some interview or at an award show, all that flows out is ugliness. For me that takes away her beauty. In fact, her ugly attitude was so bad that she was cut from the third Transformers movie.

If Megan would change her language and discover the most amazing thing in this life, a relationship with the Lord, I believe she would blossom into a beautiful person. You see, Megan is currently using her beauty to seduce, lure, and hold a false power over others. But as women of God we should desire to use our beauty to bring honor to God!

Make a decision in your heart to let your inward beauty shine. Respect yourself and respect your body.

I love you and I am believing for a generation of young women to rise up and stand for purity!




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